Get Involved With Our Tshirt Campaign

26th Oct 2019

Get Involved With Our Tshirt Campaign

You can support us and raise awareness on the issues of domestic and emotional abuse by purchasing a #lovedoesnthurt festive tshirt for £10. (We also have our classic #lovedoesnthurt tshirts & hoodies)

Our aim is to sell at least 500 tshirts and we are grateful to our printers (Ben – Kituout) for supporting this event.

Part of the funds raised will be used to provide medium sized boxes to the refuges we support on the 19th of December 2019. These boxes contain toiletries, provisions, clothes, toys etc and we intend to provide 40* boxes.

We do not receive any grants or government funding and all our operations, projects, campaigns, telephone counselling sessions…… are made possible through sales from our online store, self funding and donations from individuals who want to make a difference in people’s lives.

We have a small admin team and they put in approximately 100 hours of volunteer work a week. This includes general administration, setting up telephone counselling referrals, website monitoring, online/text directory maintenance, basic counselling, creating awareness campaigns……….

We’ve been able to support 6 local refuges every quarter, provide free telephone counselling sessions, create an online/mobile directory, develop the wellbeing centre and run a few awareness campaigns.

You can make a purchase in our online store

Thank you.